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NJ Thrives – Small Business taxes & BOI updates RECORDED WEBINAR LINK

The NJ SBDC posted our webinar related to the Small business taxes and BOI (Beneficial Ownership Interest) updates. They have an extremely curated website where there are over 100 videos for subjects relevant to any business owner, check it out - NJ Thrives NJ SBDC. Link for the WEBINAR (Around minute 53 educational example to

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The IRS will be using Artificial Intelligence (AI) for collection purposes

During this month of September 2023, we have read numerous articles on the IRS efforts to use more AI tools (in addition to hire more IRS agents). Over this summer of 2023, we have seen an increase of IRS examinations and notice of deficiencies where either you agree to the change or if you disagree,

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Less than a month to claim $1.5 billion in 2019 refunds

The IRS reminded taxpayers in mid June 2023 that the deadline to claim their 2019 refunds is approaching. The deadline is July 17, 2023. Note that the IRS has extended their refund window as usually it is three years. However, the three year window for 2019 was extended due to the Covid-19 pandemic. If no

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Closing your business? Communicate with tax authorities

If you are closing your business, you need to communicate to the tax authorities (Federal, State and local) which requires filing a final tax return, pay any liabilities to employees or vendors, pay any taxes outstanding, etc. Additionally, you need to keep the business records for a few years based on the period of limitations

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How to check the status of your federal tax return

Taxpayers can access the Where's My Refund? tool two ways: Visiting  - Downloading the IRS2Go app To use the tool, taxpayers will need: Their Social Security number or Individual Taxpayer Identification number Tax filing status The exact amount of the refund claimed on their tax return The tool displays progress in three phases: Return

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Some major companies paid zero Federal taxes versus small businesses

In April 2021, there was a report from Fortune media listing some of the companies that paid zero in their 2020 tax return. There are different options on the tax code allowing those companies to avoid paying taxes, such as international transactions, real estate investments, research and development, etc. Note that even if the federal

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2020 Taxes – E-filing starts Feb 12, 2021 for individuals

The IRS will delay the e-filing for the 2020 individual tax return for the additional programing due to the second round of Economic Impact Payments and other benefits passed on Dec 27, 2020. Link -

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