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NJ Tax Relief for Business Owners in 2020 Taxes

NJ Tax Relief – Business Alternative Income Tax (BAIT) New NJ Law Permits State Income Tax Deduction Under Certain Circumstances Using Pass-through Entities. If you have NJ income, and a partnership, LLC or S-Corp, we recommend discussing with your accountant how to take advantage of this new law. New Jersey recently enacted the Pass-Through Business

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Receiving tax notices? There is a significant backlog and incorrect notices are sent out

In the last weeks, we noted a significant increase in the notices received by our clients as there seem to be a backlog in the tax authorities. In some cases, the system automatically sends out a notice even if the documents and support was already provided to the tax authorities almost a year ago. Address

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Top four most repeated recommendations to our tax and accounting clients (Covid-19 lock down)

In this period of uncertainty and chaos, we strongly believe that informed individuals take better decisions. It is important to filter all the noise, take rational and logical decisions in our scenario or it can worsen our position. Over the last few days, we had hundreds of conversations via phone, email, texts, radio shows, blogs,

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