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Updates to the 2021 S Corporation forms

As you might be aware, there have been new requirements in the 2021 filings for the S Corporations. In the last few years, new tax requirements have been issued just before tax season or during tax season, giving tax preparers little time to comply with the new disclosure or tax processing for those returns. Disclosure

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Is this charity a scam/fraud? Use the IRS tax exempt tool

Are you unsure about a charity? Do you suspect it might be a scam or fraudulent organization? You can use the IRS Tax Exempt Organization Search tool and search the organization using 1) EIN or 2) organization name, plus other fields (i.e. State, City, etc.). Some key features and functions of this tool: It provides

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PPP Forgiveness – Specialized Form for PPP loans under $50k

Another Interim Final Rule (IFR) was released yesterday, the PPP loans will have a special form (S form) for amounts under $50,000 that exempts from any reduction in forgiveness based on a) reduction in full time equivalent (FTE) and/or b) reduction in employee salary or wages. Keep in mind that even the short version, if

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