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NJ Tax Relief for Business Owners in 2020 Taxes

NJ Tax Relief – Business Alternative Income Tax (BAIT) New NJ Law Permits State Income Tax Deduction Under Certain Circumstances Using Pass-through Entities. If you have NJ income, and a partnership, LLC or S-Corp, we recommend discussing with your accountant how to take advantage of this new law. New Jersey recently enacted the Pass-Through Business

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Preparing for year end taxes (Video) GPHCC’s Technical assistance

As part of the GPHCC's technical assistance on demand, Victor Garrido, CPA, EA, made a video presentation on "Preparing for year end taxes" in November 2020. Link to the video presentation - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jz39znKtwnE Link to the GPHCC's video library - https://www.philahispanicchamber.org/r-video-library.html

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