From January 2022, the City of Philadelphia will require a new tire dealer license and the following is required:

  • The PA DEP registered waste haulers responsible for disposing of tires. The waste haulers must be registered with the PA DEP for a Waste Transporter Authorization.
  • Type of business activity (i.e. sales, repair).
  • Size and location of tire storage.
  • Existing fire protection systems.

In addition to the previous points, it will require the following other licenses and registrations:

  • Zoning approval – A Zoning permit is required for any business that sells tires as a primary use or automotive-related occupancy that sells tires as an incidental use.
  • Certification of Occupancy (for high pile storage) – You will need a certificate of occupancy for indoor storage of tires and tire byproducts exceeding six feet in height.
  • Business Income and Receipts Tax ID (BIRT)
  • Commercial Activity License

Site plan – If outdoor tire storage exceeds six feet in height or a single column or row, you must include a site plan that complies with Section 3405 of the Philadelphia Fire Code. It must include:

  • Pile locations.
  • Dimensions of tire piles (including height).
  • Distance between piles.
  • Distance of piles from the property and building lines.


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