On January 23rd, the IRS released communication IR-2024-19 which provide more details on their Simple Notice Initiative.

The IRS releases around 170 million notices / letters each year to taxpayers and the IRS wants to make it easier for the taxpayer to understand them, and hopefully reduce the number of follow up calls and communications that the IRS receives. There will be three phases:

  • Filing season 2024: IRS reviewed, redesigned 31 notices
  • Filing season 2025: IRS will review, redesign most common notices sent to individual taxpayers
  • Filing season 2026 and beyond: IRS will review, redesign notices sent to businesses taxpayers as well as less common notices sent to individual taxpayers

We welcome this initiative to keep notices simpler and easier to understand, but we keep recommending to search professional help if you are not sure on the content of the letter or how to address it.

Link IRS – IRS launches Simple Notice Initiative redesign effort