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Employees vs Independent contractors – More legislation in NJ penalizing the misclassification

We have seen different States issuing more legislation in the recent years combating the misclassification of independent contractors, that should have been categorized as employees. If categorized correctly, these employees would have been contributing to social security and medicare at the Federal level, plus unemployment, family leave, etc. at the State level. On July 9,

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Employee (w2) vs Independent contractor (1099)

The designation of Employee (w2) vs Independent contractor (1099) is not up to the free will of the parties. It has to follow regulations released by the IRS, DOL, and State authorities. Some business owners might consider that independent contractors might be less costly as there is no employer portion, no payroll processing fees, no workers

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PPP for sole proprietors, independent contractors, and self-employed person

The Payroll Protection Program is available to sole proprietors, independent contractors, and self-employed persons, among other entities. There has been some confusion on this topic  and the clarification guidance was released around the same time the first round of PPP money ran out (April 15, 2020). Last Friday (April 23, 2020), there was signed a

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